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The Birth Place of Coffee

High-quality coffee sourced from the mountains of Haraz in Yemen, made using traditional brewing for the first time in Canada! 

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From The Mountains of Haraz 

Discover the rich and robust flavours of Yemeni coffee at our authentic coffee house. Savour a traditional cup, made from premium-grade coffee beans grown in the high elevations of Yemen's mountains. Our coffee is brewed to perfection, using centuries-old techniques passed down from generations of coffee-making artisans

Real Food. No Secret Ingredients.

The Birth Place of Coffee

Yemen is often overlooked as a country associated with coffee, however it holds a significant place in coffee's history and has greatly influenced the world's coffee culture. The coffee tree originated in Ethiopia, but it was in Yemen where coffee was first consumed as a beverage. In 1450, Sufi monks in western Yemen began drinking coffee to stay awake during their all-night meditations.

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